Ji-nashi Fuke shakuhachi 2.2 in B flat – by Chikudo

I made this ji-nashi in the style of Edo period Komuso flutes in a thin piece of Japanese Madake.
The work of the bore and embouchure are made in quite a different way than the modern ji-nashi and the search for sound is mostly focused on Neiro (tone colour). the only thing that makes it modern is the tempered pitch (Antique shakuhachi have a higher Chi).

It is a very pleasant shakuhachi; its moderate volume naturally leads to a more intimate and meditative playing where its beautiful tone colour and subtle embouchure completely reveals.
Ideal for playing styles like Myoan, Kimpu ryu, Itchoken…

Ji-nashi Shakuhachi Myoan style
Japanese Madake – 1 piece Nobe-kan – 8 nodes
Length :  675 mm
Weight :  295 g
diameter at utaguchi  : int : 20.5 mm – ext : 32 mm
diameter at foot : int : 16 mm – ext : 37 mm
Holes diameter : 9.5 mm
Myoan style deer inlay
Brownish red Bengara Urushi


Listen :