“Gakusei” student shakuhachi 1.8 in D – Kurochiku

Excellent student shakuhachi from French black bamboo – kurochiku – the thickness enables a bore with characteristics close to a ji-ari bore giving a good air compression and therefore a very nice sound dynamic.
This Gakusei shakuhachi has a great precision in embouchure control, a good response and a rich tone colour.
The foot has natural grooves on the first 2 internode; one of them with a surface crack secured with bindings.

Black French bamboo kurochiku
One piece Shakuhachi (nobekan) 6 nodes
Length : 550 mm (1.8 shaku)
Diameter : int : 21 mm ext : 35.5 mm
Holes diameter : 10/11 mm
Kinko horn inlay – 3 layers of black urushi – bindings strengthened with urushi


Listen :