Ji-ari Shakuhachi 2.1 “Chikuyō” 竹揚 in B – restored by Chikudo

This old shakuhachi made by the master craftsman Ebinuma Chikuyō about a century ago (probably Showa era) is a beautiful piece in excellent state of conservation with its dark patina. There is a surface crack on the backside of utaguchi which I don’t worry about (but I will repair it for free if it gets worse).

This Ji-ari has the typical tone colour of old Kinko shakuhachi, rich, dark and deep.
Yamato Hōmei, deshi of Yamaguchi Goro was an apprentice maker with Chikuyō in the 70s.
This unique shakuhachi is made in the respect of an old tradition.

Ji-ari Shakuhachi
Japanese Madake  – 2 pieces  – 7 nodes
Length :  630 mm
Weight :  415 gr
diameter at utaguchi  : int : 21 mm – ext : 35 mm
diameter at foot : int : 19 mm – ext : 50 mm
Holes diameter : 10/11 mm
Kinko horn inlay
Rattan rings

Black Urushi lacquer
Utaguchi cap


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