Ji-mori Shakuhachi 2.0 in C – Japanese Madake – grade **

Made from a light and vibrating piece of bamboo, this shakuhachi has a very nice curved shape.
It was originally made to be a ji-nashi but some ji was needed in one crucial point of the bore to get a good balance which makes it a Ji-mori.
The tone is soft and flexible with the qualities of a good Ji-nashi.
It is a higher ** grade (or lower***) very well suited for Honkyoku but maybe not responsive enough for Gaikyoku.

Ji-mori Shakuhachi
Japanese Madake – Nakatsugikan 2 pieces – 6 nodes
Length : 603 mm
Weight : 261 gr
Diameter at utaguchi : int : 21.5 mm – ext : 32 mm
Diameter at foot : int : 16.5 mm – ext : 46 mm
Holes diameter : 9.5-10 mm
Black urushi lacquer
Kinko horn inlay
Rattan rings
2 preventive rattan bindings

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