Ji nashi shakuhachi 1.7 “shugetsu” in Eb – restored by Chikudo

This shakuhachi that I first thought made by Yamaguchi Shugetsu, is in fact made by an older maker (after having asked Y.S), over 50 years old regarding the patina of the bamboo.
I got it in bad conditions, utaguchi inlay was missing and the flute was covered with bad bindings and glue…

Here it is now with a brand new kinko horn inlay, new lacquer and good cleaning; its voice is back to life !

It is a very nice well balanced ji-nashi with a nice velvet tone typical of old kinko flutes. I find this type of flute very suited for Honkyoku repertoire.

Tuned in Eb (but flat), this flute is rather for solo playing.

The madake bamboo has beautiful natural patterns and dark patina due to it’s age; I added urushi on the root end.

Length: 503mm – (1.67 Shaku)
Diameter at l’utaguchi : 33mm ext. – 19mm int.
Weight : 254 gr

Listen :