Ji-nashi Shakuhachi 1.8 in C# – unidentified maker – Restored by Chikudo

Here is a Ji-nashi shakuhachi made in 2 pieces like a ji-ari (quite rare).
The aged bamboo with nice patina has a great curve at the root end.
This ji-nashi is a ‘big bore’ giving a powerfull and warm tone and the reason for having the size of 1.8 shaku and a tonality of C#.
I was first thinking of working the bore to turn it into a ji-ari in D but it would have need to change holes positions;
It would have been too much work to change a shakuhachi that already sounds good and plays nicely.
Shakuhachi for beginner/intermediate level.

Ji-nashi Shakuhachi
Japanese Madake – 2 pieces- 7 nodes
Length :  545 mm
Weight :  371 gr
Diameter at utaguchi  : int : 23 mm – ext : 39 mm
Diameter at foot : int : 18 mm – ext : 52 mm
Holes diameter : 11 mm
Kinko horn inlay (repaired chips)
Dark red Urushi Bengara lacquer
Rattan rings
1 preventive binding


Listen :