Kinko ji-ari Shakuhachi 1.8 in D “Chiku…” – Restored by Chikudo

This ji-ari shakuhachi, was probably made before WWII by an unknown maker (“Chiku…) from a thick and dense piece of Japanese Madake.
I did quite a lot of restoration work on it; the utaguchi was completely out of the holes line so I cut the bamboo and made a joint close to the embouchure dissimulated by one of the bindings I did to repair a crack on the upper part. I also had to correct the tuning and the overall balance by working with ji on the bore profile.
It is an entry level Ji-ari flute which would be suited for a beginner player (a more experienced one would feel a lack of volume and imperfection in the pitch).

Ji-ari Shakuhachi
Japanese Madake bamboo -2 pieces 7 nodes
Length :  542 mm
Weight :  426g
diameter at utaguchi  : int : 22 mm – ext : 38 mm
diameter at foot : int : 19 mm – ext : 57 mm
Holes diameter : 10-11 mm
Kinko horn inlay
Red Urushi lacquer


Listen :