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Ji-ari Tozan shakuhachi 1.6 en Mi – “Shinsui Matsushita” – restored by Chikudo

This excellent ji-ari shakuhachi made in a beautiful piece of thick japanese Madake about 50 years old is signed Shinsui (deep water) Matsushita a well known Tozan maker.
This shakuhachi was severely cracked on the two parts (see picture) and after staying for a wile in heat chamber, I could close completely the crack without any glue and bind it strongly with 10 bindings strengthened with urushi.
This excellent ji-ari is loud, well balanced, flexible and very bright; a great professional level Tozan shakuhachi; 1.6 in E, makes the perfect flute for playing Haru no Umi !

This shakuhachi has been evaluated by Christophe Kazan Gaston, Shihan master of Shin Tozan Ryu.

Restored ji-ari Shakuhachi
Japanese Madake- 2 pieces Nakatsugi-kan – 7 nodes
Length : 477 mm (1.57 shaku)
Weight : 378 gr

diameter at utaguchi  : int : 21.5 mm – ext : 39.5 mm
diameter at foot : int : 18 mm – ext : 56 mm
holes diameter : 11 mm
Tozan horn inlay – 10 bindings
red urushi lacquered bore
Rattan rings


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