Tozan Ji-ari Shakuhachi 1.8 in D “GETSUZAN” – restored by Chikudo

This shakuhachi made by a renown master, probably aged around 60 years old is made from a piece of madake bamboo with perfect proportions. It is a highly crafted instrument which was unfortunately in a pretty bad state…
See pictures of the restoring in this article.

It is an excellent concert quality Ji-ari very polyvalent and flexible answering delightfully to whatever you blow in it !

Restored Ji-ari Shakuhachi
Japanese Madake – Nakatsugikan 2 pieces – 7 nodes
Length : 543 mm
Weight : 410 gr
Diameter at utaguchi : int : 21 mm – ext : 36 mm
Diameter at foot : int : 19 mm – ext : 60 mm
Holes diameter: 10.5 mm
Red urushi lacquer
Tozan horn inlay
Silver and rattan strings
7 rattan bindings

Listen :