Shakuhachi making tricks…

Here is a good example of how a shakuhachi maker has fun in his lonely workshop !
It’s important sometimes to get some challenge in our duty; that’s what I did when deciding to extend a bamboo promised to become a nice 2.4 ji-ari in A but missing a few centimetres both for tonality and holes placement…

I had guess before that this technique was sometimes used by observing different flutes restored in this way and got the confirmation by showing Takahashi sensei this shakuhachi in progress in his workshop in Tokyo; He immediately guessed what I did by looking at this unusual long rattan binding !
Some makers also use this technique for twisting utaguchi back in line with tone-holes.

I had no idea if I was able to do it…so I did !
Here is the process resumed in some pictures :

The technique is quite similar to the making of nakatsugi joint; first inserting a bamboo hoso in the two cut parts and then adding another bamboo upon it of a diameter similar to the flute. Then some ji and sanding to adjust precisely the groove for the rattan finishing.

This nice ji-ari is still on the working bench, hopefully available soon !