Chikudo workshop is located in the nice middle age town of Figeac in south west France

Gone for a long cycling journey with my family until summer 2024,
the currently in stock shakuhachi only will be available
(not the manuals, bags nor bamboo).
You can contact me by mail if you want to purchase a flute.

All the best
Thomas – 07/2023

Address :

Atelier Chikudo

Thomas Goulpeau

Ruisseau des Fades

46100 FIGEAC


Mail : chikudo(at)

(replace”(at)” by “@”)

or use the contact form just below


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I’m a pretty slow-going person and as the world is accelerating around me, I tend to feel threatened with the ‘urge’.

Facing e-mail abundance and immediacy diktat in over-connected life, I assume a certain slowness in my responses…

Thanks for your understanding !