Chikudo : The Bamboo way

I am making bamboo flutes since 2003.

Inspired by many travels to discover traditional music especially Oriental music.

I got freely inspired by several traditional models of flutes sometimes adding my own touch of style.

After ten years of flute making and research, I entered deeper and deeper into the world of the Japanese Shakuhachi flute on which I now devote my art.

I am constantly trying to improve my skills and attempt to reach high quality flutes in order to satisfy the needs of professional players meanwhile I also want to keep affordable students models to spread this great instrument widely and avoid making it too elitist.



The specificity of my work as a flute maker is the use of natural bore.

While wooden flutes have controlled regular bore profiles, the Bamboo, naturally hollow, is inconstant by nature :

each piece of bamboo has its own unique characteristics (diameter, length, wall thickness, conical ratio…)

It is then my duty to adapt my work to the plant and not the opposite.

Every single piece of bamboo is carefully selected in order to reach the best acoustical result from it.

Thus, every flute is unique.

I work with different bamboo species using each one’s qualities;

I harvest myself every winter all of those bamboos from either local groves in France or during trips abroad.

During the last years, I decided to focus my work and studies on the Japanese Shakuhachi.

After a long period of diversification in my making, a new cycle starts now : my Bamboo way is getting straighter !

That was not an easy choice to let the making of many flutes behind me especially some loved ones but the art of crafting japanese Shakuhachi is very demanding, time consuming and needs a complete devotion to it.

I am now able to take time to study more, learn and experiment the traditional Urushi lacquering and other specific skills of the shakuhachi making.

I am mostly working on demand and ship orders world widely (see Policy);

I’ll be glad to guide you in the discovering of this rich instrument.