Chikudo Ji-nashi Shakuhachi 2.1 in B – Japanese Madake ‘Gomadake’ – grade ***

I made this ji-nashi shakuhachi from a piece of dried Madake (gomadake) harvested last autumn in Kyushu. The bamboo is gorgeous with beautiful natural patterns. The foot part presented after aburanuki curing two cracks so I decided to bind completely the flute to prevent any other crack to appear.
This ji-nashi is great ! Very easy and pleasant blowing, flexible and resonant, it’s velvety tone colour is delightful !

This shakuhachi can be great for both beginners or advanced players.

Shakuhachi ji-nashi nobekan (1 piece) 7 nodes
Length : –
weight : –
diameter at utaguchi : int : – ext : –
Diameter at foot : int : – ext : –
Holes diameter : –
Kinko horn inlay – bindings with urushi
Black urushi lacquer


Listen :