Chikudo Hochiku Ji-nashi Shakuhachi 3.0 in F – grade *** – Japanese Madake

Made in a thick and dense piece of Madake harvested in Kyushu in 2019, this natural bore ji-nashi has a beautiful Chikuin (bamboo resonance) and is precise in tone and timbre and not so difficult to play for its size. Easily playing up to Dai kan.
Otsu no Ro is stable, rich and vibrating, really delightful !
This shakuhachi will suit players with at least some experience on Chōkan ji-nashi (long flute).

Ji-nashi Shakuhachi Hochiku style
Japanese Madake – 1 piece Nobekan – 8 nodes
Length :  935mm
Weight :  620 gr
Diameter at utaguchi  : int : 22 mm – ext : 40 mm
Diameter at foot : int : 25 mm – ext : 57 mm
Holes diameter : 11/12 mm
No lacquer, no utaguchi inlay
Ergonomic fingering
Hole number 2 close to a node but not disturbing the playing.


Listen :