My pledges

as a flute maker


My goal being that the flutes I make will be played giving satisfaction, they are under a lifetime guarantee for crack repairing (as bamboo may split someday because of its living nature).

The only cost in this case would be the shipment.

However, if the flute is damaged because of a lack of care (“my dog ate it !”…deja vu !), then the repairing -if possible- will be charged.


All the repairing and restoration work on shakuhachi include a one year guarantee.


Legislation provides for any buying on Internet a canceling lapse of time of a week.

Buying a musical instrument without trying it isn’t easy and in our busy lives, a week is usually short…

So I let you a whole month to try the flute with a possibility of exchanging or refunding (if the instrument is in the same state as when received of course).

Hoping to be as close as possible to your desires to avoid this situation !


I also offer during 1 year after buying one of my Shakuhachi the possibility of changing it for a higher model by paying just the extra price and the shipping fees.

You could for instance start on a meditation model and after a few month, when you get confidence in studying more the instrument, you would be able to change it for a student, advanced student or traditional model by paying the difference between the two flutes.