Bamboo for Shakuhachi making

Want to make your own shakuhachi ?

After having sorted out my bamboo stock in 2020, I realised that some pieces were not suiting my actual requirements for making my shakuhachi; I have improved my making skills since I harvested them.

Regularly, people contact me in search of bamboo to experiment building their own shakuhachi so I decided to sell some poles rather than keeping them uselessly.

I made a first selection of 2 packs of French bamboo that I harvested myself; they are dried for 5 to 10 years.
Those bamboos, rather for ji-nashi making, would not suit the requirements of professional makers but are good for amateurs. Sold in a range of price from 20 to 100 €

You can check them on a dedicated page of this website.


I was pleased this month to welcome
Bodhidharma in my workshop

sculpture bambou bodhidharma

I have been fascinated for a while by these Asian bamboo sculptures so I finally offered myself this present.
It is a beautiful Chinese sculpture (probably quite old in regard to its patina) made from a very impressive Moso bamboo root (Ph. Edeulis) representing the famous 6th century monk Bodhidharma (Daruma in Japanese) who initiated Chan Buddhism in China which became Zen in Japan.

Learn more about Bodhidharma history.

This inspiring artefact found naturally its place in my workshop and is now keeping an eye on my work !