Quite surprinsing how the traditional new year wishes aren’t joyfull as usual;
adding “…” or formulas like “despite…” reflecting the uncertainty of the times…
Nevertheless, I wish you all a year richer in freedom and joy (we still have some power on that hopefully !)

This years, no changes on prices at Atelier Chikudo.
Some available shakuhachi have discount prices for this new year !

I decided to stop making students model in order to focus on traditional shakuhachi and restaurations.

So my advice for beginners with low budget is to acquire a Shakuhachi YUU which is made from ABS resin copied from a good quality ji-ari shakuhachi. It is the best Price/quality ratio possible…
…but not from bamboo !
You can order them from Ebay, Amazon or directly from the website :


2020 Updates

For 2020, I have updated the prices and reorganised the different models of Chikudo shakuhachi

Over the last 2 years, the positive feedbacks I got on my work from my master, professional makers and players met during ESS events and recently from all the people I met in Japan have convinced me to raise my prices on the repairing services and the best of my ji-nashi and ji-ari.
These prices hadn’t been changed for a long time meanwhile the general quality of my instruments has increased.
I also decided to organise differently – and more clearly – the different models of shakuhachi I build.

I however want to keep on affordable entry-level prices for the beginner’s shakuhachi which are now called GAKUSEI (“student”).

Vous pouvez consulter les nouveaux tarifs ici :

Discover the different models of shakuhachi that I build

I wish you all a happy and prosperous year 2020 !