Last restoring at the workshop

On the last weeks, I worked on restoring Alain’s flute.

It’s a Ji-ari nobekan 1.6 Tozan about 100 years old !
A flute he bought 20 years ago in an antique shop in Geneva; they found this flute in Kyoto.

I don’t have much informations on the maker Enzon Kyozon (supposedly writer of a book on Shakuhachi making); if anyone has information on that maker, please contact me.
I like his Hanko.

Here follows the details of the repairs I did on this Shakuhachi.

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Concerts in Figeac videos

Here are to videos from the two concerts given in Figeac
during the last Shakuhachi masterclass

On the 1st of June in the church of Fons
(Nice little roman church with beautiful acoustic)


A two voices version of the famous Sakura; The beginners were playing the first voice studied the same day and the advanced played the second voice composed by Christophe Gaston. This quite a Rock’n’roll version !

On the 2nd of June in the auditorium of the music school of Figeac

Shika no tone

Shika no tone – Evocation of two deer (shika) calling for each other in the forest.
That was the first time I was playing this famous 2 voices version of this Honkyoku;
I was honoured to play it with Gunnar !

Shakuhachi master class in Figeac

report from the Shakuhachi master class

with Gunnar Jinmei Linder
in Figeac – S.W France

The students group Gunnar Jinmei Linder and Akari Sagara

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WSF2018 – World Shakuhachi Festival

1-4 August 2018 in London

World Shakuhachi festival
for the first time in Europe

Web site :

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Chikudo English blog

Welcome here on the English version of my blog.

From now, all new articles will be published both in French and English.

All the former articles can be read on the French version of the blog.