New videos with Max Brumberg

I share with pleasure those two new videos shot in spring 2022 with my friend Max Brumberg in the small roman church of St Flour in Le Pompidou in the Cévennes mountains.

Video and sound were shot by a Swiss team working for RTS on a documentary on Aulos for the program “passe moi les jumelles” ; Max did the editing.

First one : Louvres Aulos and 1.9 Shakuhachi

Second one : 1.8 Chikudo Shakuhachi & Fujara in A

You can visit Max’s website at :


Beautiful documentary

I have been particularly touched by this documentary on a New-Zealander shakuhachi maker…

Kelvin Falconer is blind and makes shakuhachi with his homegrown bamboos since 2006.

Making a shakuhachi is definitely a meditative and sensitive experience,
to imagine crafting a shakuhachi with only touch and hear opens a deep new dimension…


New videos with Max Brumberg

Here are two new videos shot with my friend Max Brumberg flutemaker based in south-east France.

He got passionate about the antique Greek double reed Aulos and is part of the crazy few constituting the revival of this antique instrument…

Here is the meeting between Aulos and Shakuhachi :

And a solo where I play one of the shortest piece of the Honkyoku repertoire :
Ashi no Shirabe

Both of them played in the great acoustic of the Roman church of Fons a village near Figeac.

Concerts in Figeac videos

Here are to videos from the two concerts given in Figeac
during the last Shakuhachi masterclass

On the 1st of June in the church of Fons
(Nice little roman church with beautiful acoustic)


A two voices version of the famous Sakura; The beginners were playing the first voice studied the same day and the advanced played the second voice composed by Christophe Gaston. This quite a Rock’n’roll version !

On the 2nd of June in the auditorium of the music school of Figeac

Shika no tone

Shika no tone – Evocation of two deer (shika) calling for each other in the forest.
That was the first time I was playing this famous 2 voices version of this Honkyoku;
I was honoured to play it with Gunnar !