IKIGAI – Search for meaning

I recently came upon this Japanese concept that has an echo with my own philosophy and my choices.

Ikigai  –  生き甲斐
lit. “a reason for being”

This idea that we can see as a quest aims at finding an harmonious and meaningful way of being in this world.
By associating the concepts of Mission, Passion, Vocation and Profession, it becomes then possible to link thos two ideas that our modern society set against each other : efficiency and fulfilment…

Here is a way to visually represent the Ikigai

It seems very important to me in this time of “economic recovery” after a necessary parenthesis that each of us question our relation to labour and our personal way of embodying what we want to rise for the world.

Do we sincerely wish to re-launch the machine that destroy life inside and outside us ?

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